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Book - Five Shades of Leadership: All the answers you need


You were born on a team called family. You played with a team called friends. You were educated by a team called school. You work in a team called the marketplace. You worship  with a team called church, so why won't you choose a team for your business, project or assignment? Working together makes everybody prosper! This book will teach you how.

Identifying the gifting's and calling of each team member and utilizing those talents quickly and correctly can mean the difference between a top performance team and  a dysfunctional team.

The global world that we operate in demands performance over dysfunction daily. We as leaders in classrooms or corporate board rooms must develop ethical leaders who operate with excellence on a day-to-day basis. Where profit margins are tight and decisions must be made quickly, great leaders are forced to be able to recruit and develop great leaders. The Success of every organization rises and falls with its leadership.

Why buy Five Shades of Leadership: All The Answers?

 -It provides an amazing blueprint for creating a team and a system, resulting in success in record time

-It inspires great leadership and phenomenal success with proven strategies

-It's principles have been tried and tested in 24 organizations and by 15 leaders

-It will navigate you with appropriate safeguards to prevent leadership blunders

-It will help you adopt a personal philosophy, which fuels a powerful vision that promotes challenging; yet, obtainable goals to create strategies and schedules, bringing about sustainable success

-Dr. Stanton has invested a lifetime of service to leaders in the marketplace and in faith-based organizations and provides time-tested formulas on powerful team building engagement.

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