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Anointed 2 Win in Your Relationship Workshop!


Are you in a stale marriage and want to freshen things up a bit?

Are looking to get married and want to know how to make a marriage work?

The Stanton Institute of Leadership has the relationship course just for you! The Anointed 2 Win in Your Relationship workshop is a 9 week course to help you and your partner navigate relational waters confidently and successfully.

Want a relationship with your partner that is solid, fun and exciting? Dr. M. Joy Stanton has a 9-Week action plan that really works! With her wit and her husband's commonsense approach, this couple reveals why couples do what they do and what you can do about it to start a life-long journey of love, joy and peace --starting right now!!!

You get a Christian perspective each week and are able to build on each principle week-after-week.

Sign up today and get started on your relational journey!

Week 1: What is a relationship?

Week 2: Who is responsible for what?

Week 3: Is two-way communication really necessary?

Week 4: What's the budget got to do with it?

Week 5: How do parenting styles affect the mix?

Week 6: How can we fail-proof our relationship?

Week 7: Is Sex really the glue?

Week 8: What are the RED Flags and the SOLUTIONS?

Week 9: What's Next?

Order your sessions today and start your new life your first week!

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