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The Jacqueline Boudrey Baugh scholarship recipient - Broker's Course

$399.00 $449.00

The Jacqueline Boudrey Baugh scholarship recipient – Broker’s Course - In Class - Day course

$399.00 instead of $449.00

Jacqueline Boudrey Baugh was a champion of education and of her sister's success in the real estate industry. In her honor, Dr. Maggie Joy "MJ" Stanton is providing a $50 scholarship to the first ten (10) students who sign up. Time is money so these scholarships will be given to the first 10 students who register demonstrating their focus on taking their business to the next level.

Are you interested in taking your business to the next level? Taking the Broker’s course is your first step in doing just that! Classes are held at the Maximum One Realtor Partners - McDonough, GA located at 313 Jonesboro Rd. McDonoughg, GA.

To receive a Georgia Brokers license, you must successfully complete a 60-hour Broker’s course, pass a state exam, be at least 21 years old, a high school graduate or GED equivalent and hold an active Georgia real estate salesperson’s license 3 of 5 year.

Our seasoned instructor will make available to you the required in-class hours as well as prepare you for the state exam. All textbooks, worksheets and material are included in your tuition. 

Register today!

Course 2021 Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

1:30p – 4:45p

Week 1 01/04, 01/05, 01/06, 01/07

Week 2 01/11, 01/12, 01/13, 01/14

Week 3 01/19, 01/20, 01/21

Week 4 01/25, 01/26, 01/27, 01/28

Week 5 02/01, 02/02, 02/03, 02/04

Week 6 02/08, 02/11 (Final)

Optional for an additional $70:

Cram 02/09, 02/10

Are you a licensed real estate salesperson in Georgia?

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