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A Merry Heart

As successful leaders, we have the amazing responsibility to ensure that our actions are directed by a pure and honorable balance of the spirit, soul and body. And it doesn’t stop there because we must love the work we do, as we empower others to love the work that they do. No one is left behind; thus, if someone cannot serve with us, we gratefully help them find their place of prosperity.

“No bugs, just profits” is the second installment that God gave me to empower leaders to love their leadership role. It’s by leading others that we find the balance necessary to walk in His image, after His likeness, and we are given power to change lives. Start today by using your power to change lives and smile to light up the atmosphere, for it is so difficult to smile and then not serve.

A merry heart is good medicine, and it has been my experience that a merry heart feeds the spirit, soul and body. Your meditation will be powerful with a merry heart. Your interaction with others will be fruitful with a merry heart. Your workout and food plan go smoother when you have a merry heart about what you are doing. A merry heart can help you get the job done in record time!

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