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Celebrate Discipline

Back in the late 90’s one of my favorite professors, Dr. Rodney Jackson, at Beulah Heights University gave our class a book to read that I have kept in my library all these years. The book’s title, “Celebration of Discipline: The path to spiritual growth” was intriguing to me from the onset. The author Richard J. Foster, a Quaker, takes the reader on a three part journey of disciplines that truly are paths to spiritual growth. Inward, outward and corporate disciplines are discussed simply, yet, thoroughly. Apostle Paul in his first letter to the church at Thessalonica touch on spiritual growth in the form of balance by praying that the very God of peace would sanctify the entire being of each person in that church. He prayed that each member’s spirit, soul and body would be consecrated.

In my second book “Five Shades of Leadership: No Bugs, Just Profits” I talk about the journey to balancing the spirit, soul and body, to ensure that you are living a profitable life. It has been my experience that if you allow the spirit to rule the soul and body will rock! I am so grateful for that insight in a world that has many distractions. Please take a moment and order your copy from our web store! I celebrate discipline…what about you?


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