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When I think about choices, my mind immediately goes to Abram’s choice to leave his country, leave his kinfolks, and get away from his father’s house. He was asked to do so by God; yet, he had the choice to obey or to disobey. When listening to God, we have the choice to hear Him or the choice to hear the voice of another. In my second book, “No Bugs; Just Profits”, I give readers guidelines for making choices that will bring balance to the spirit, soul and body. Those choices give energy, which produce love, joy and peace.


Then you read in Abram’s story that “Lot went with him”. Why was Lot with him, if he was told plainly to leave his country, his kinfolks and to get away from his father’s house? Wasn’t Lot part of his father’s house? Wasn’t Lot his nephew? Wasn’t Lot his brother’s son? Yes he was! So why was Lot with him? It really doesn’t matter why! Lot was with him, and Lot was a problem throughout Abram’s journey. Lot’s tagging along produced all sorts of issues in the story.

As leaders, when God tells us to do something, it is important that we make the choice to follow His instructions fully. Abram in my opinion, had the choice to say, “Lot I know your daddy and your granddaddy are dead; however, you will be fine, because God told me to leave this country, to leave my kinfolks and to specifically get away from my father’s house and that includes you!” 

What choices do you need to make today to be successful in business and ministry? It is never too late to make the correction. By making worthy choices you will bring balance to your spirit, soul and body, so do it now! Feel free to visit our web store and purchase the products that will help you do just that!


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