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Clear Vision

When I was a graduate student, my professor quoted Pastor Andy Stanley in our Leadership class. I don’t remember the exact quote; however, this is what I took from it. The clearer your vision, the fewer options you have, because with a clear vision decisions are few. In the Power of Purpose class that I teach, I take students beyond their vision and have them connect to their personal philosophy so they can have balance of spirit, soul and body.


Your personal philosophy is different from your purpose. Purpose is the why you exist. Personal philosophy is the system of thought about your purpose that every decision should be filtered through to keep you on track. Your personal philosophy is based on your knowledge, your reality (both actual and perceived), and the boundaries that you have set for yourself.


A purpose without the alignment of your personal philosophy will eventually cloud your vision. For example, if your purpose is to develop leaders and your personal philosophy is to never take a leadership role, because leadership is too risky, then there is a disconnection between your purpose and your personal philosophy. Or if your purpose is to build a Cadillac and your personal philosophy is to use a Chevy blueprint to save money, then your vision will become clouded, and it will be difficult for you to live on purpose and build a Cadillac.


Some leaders may want to revisit their personal philosophy. Our team at Team Building can help you do just that. Vision care becomes easy with the alignment of a personal philosophy and your God-given purpose. If the personal philosophy is flawed, decisions will be flawed and options will be confusing. Disconnects may follow causing chaos. Chaos may hinder alignment; thus, the vicious circle continues.


Clear vision can be restored by operating in your purpose; establishing a personal philosophy that supports that purpose; and bringing clarity to the vison. Eliminating options that cloud your vision will bring focus. Focus will assist you in making easy decisions. Clear vision will help your organization save time, money and grow in record time. Contact us today for a vision alignment, so you can accomplish all you were called to do!


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