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"We are free to love, have joy, make peace, be longsuffering, be gentle, share goodness, walk in faith, give mercy, and have self control on this Independence Day! Enjoy your freedom in Jesus' Name!!!" This was my July 4, 2014 post to Facebook.

As successful leaders, we must be willing to love the unlovable; have joy in time of sorrow; make peace with peace breakers. And it does not stop there, because leaders must suffer long with those that they are called to lead and that takes gentleness and goodness. We can not do this on our own. This type of leadership takes faith as you give mercy and walk in self control. Not just on Independence Day, but each and every day.

The leadership call is one of righteousness, peace and joy. That must come from the inside out! It's alright to put yourself in time out until your feelings catch up with your faith. You were born in God's image, after His likeness and you have the power to lead and change lives. Start today and see how many lives you can change!


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