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Perfect Blend

One of the ways Pastor Thomas and I fellowship is over a cup of QuikTrip cappuccino and a muffin after 7:14 pm Bible study on Wednesday nights. Wednesdays are very busy for us, because we teach a Leadership Bible Study at the 11A hour in our community and run errands until the 7:14p Bible Study time at our church. Therefore the QuikTrip fellowship is very calming after a long and busy day.

In my effort to help my husband have a healthy lifestyle, I make what I think is a perfect blend of cappuccino for him. It is one half French vanilla fat -free cappuccino blended with one half white chocolate caramel sugar-free cappuccino. It’s such a perfect blend of flavors that he didn’t notice the difference for weeks, because it was so flavorful.

That’s the same outcome for leaders who know how to implement the Five Shades of Leadership for their organization. The visionary communicates the vision for the group. The builder provides systems to ensure the vision is fulfilled. The promoter ensures that the vision is noised abroad. The protector insists that the vision, the systems and the promotions are consistent. The balancer ensures that it all makes dollars and sense. It’s a perfect blend of gifts and calling to move the organization forward in record time! Contact us today and we will bring the workshop to you!


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