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Refined Silver


As I prepared for today's tasks, two words ordered my steps, "Refined Silver". Leading a team of leaders is never easy, especially if you talk to them in "your" language, instead of their language. Just as difficult is attempting to turn gold into silver and silver into gold. It's a wasted effort. Although both are refined by fire, both will remain true to what they are. The fire will produce refined gold, if that is what went into the furnace, and the silver will be refined silver, if that's what went into the furnace.


When we lead others, we are not to change them, we are to refine them. That results in our knowing them and knowing their language. You see before the foundation of the world, God made us, gave us our own language and called us "leaders". We are made in His image, after His likeness and He gave us leadership as a way to serve others. We are leaders who produce more leaders, who produce more leaders. So with that said and done, as a leader it is my responsibility to refine the leaders that God sends to my workshops, seminars, classes and especially to serve my organization, just as the Silversmith refines silver.


In my first book, which is available for purchase in the web store on this site, I talk about the five shades of leadership that God has given each family, each church, each community, each organization and each country to operate with to ensure a healthy balance. War, dysfunction, stunted growth and lack are signs that all the shades are not involved or valued.


The visionary sees where the group is going. The builder creates the system the vision needs for efficiency. The promoter ensures that the message is widespread. The protector inspires collaboration, and the balancer makes sure that the entire operation makes dollars and sense.


Whenever there is stealing, killing or destruction one of these elements is missing. It is so easy, because of what we've seen or heard, to believe that the point person has it all. Yet, in my research of the relationship between training and job satisfaction in retaining real estate agents, it proved that when leaders are not operating in their true gifting and calling they tend to take flight (that's why so many organizations can't retain good talent); fight (the murmuring and complaining); or worse become apathetical (the walking dead).So it is so important that we leaders refine those leaders that God sends our way.


We are called to refine the visionary see clearly; yet, know that eyes without the other parts of the body are limited. We are called to refine the builder so they can create systems; however, systems without the other parts are ineffective. We must successfully refine the promoter to get the word out about how we are here to serve, although without the other essentials the promoter is a sounding brass and tingling cymbal. The protector must be refined to bring about collaboration and know that without the others, collaboration may stunt the growth of the group. The leader must refine the balancer to speak truth about the financials; however, must remain humble that it's not all about the dollars and sense of the vision; it’s about what God wants to do.


Refining silver is my job all day everyday….and I am grateful for it!


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