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Solitaire�??Moving the right cards in a timely manner



My husband, Pastor Thomas Stanton, due to his legal blindness, plays solitaire on his IPAD to keep his eye muscles engaged. In an attempt to stay connected to him and understand his love for the game, I have started to play it on my phone. I never liked solitaire, because being a high “I” on the DISC chart, I like games with people so I can be heard…LOL!!!


Recently, I researched the various strategies for winning the game. Since I will play the game to exchange insights with my husband, I want to win, which is the “D” in me from the DISC chart. One of the strategies for winning solitaire is moving the right cards in a timely manner. Players should not just move cards because there’s a place to move it. Players should only move cards that will reveal hidden cards. Since discovering that nugget my scores have been higher because my time has been shortened.


The same strategy can be implemented in team building leadership philosophy for your organization. Only make moves that are necessary to get your group to the next level. Don’t just make moves for the sake of moving, because those cards may prevent the right move. Standing still until your strategy is well defined can save you time and money.


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