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The Courage of Authenticity

All organizations began with an idea in someone’s mind. You have a great idea to meet a need or solve a problem. You see how this project can be profitable and sustainable. You give it 110% of yourself; yet, it does not fit your personal philosophy. What’s the next step?

The next step is the authenticity check. The authenticity check is the process used to verify that the legitimacy of the project matches the legitimacy of your spirit, soul and body. The answers of the following questions are crucial in the authenticity check:

1. Is this project authentic to your God-given purpose?

2. Does this project bring truth to your personal philosophy?

3. Is this project in alignment with your powerful vision?

4. Is this the best use of your strength?

5. Is this project taking you closer to or further from your destiny?

If the answer to any of these five questions is “no” then you must have the courage of authenticity and abandon the project. The earlier you take action, the better. The courage of authenticity is the difference between having life and having life more abundantly. The courage of authenticity in your decision making process balances the spirit, soul and body.


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