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The Five Languages of Leadership

Speaking our message in the five languages of leadership is essential to clear communications. Those we lead will only hear us if you speak in their language. Oftentimes we, as leaders, are so assigned to our language that we believe those who are not hearing us are rebelling against us. In most cases that is not true.

In my forth book the “Five Languages of Leadership” to be released early spring, I help frontrunners own their personal leadership language style, know how to communicate in the remaining four and maintain the authenticity of the message. We must be authentic or those we lead will not follow us for a long period of time. Mixed signals gnaw at our credibility. Those we are called to empower will not feel safe following us, and over the course of time will leave us.


In my first book the “Five Shades of Leadership” I describe the five leadership styles. These styles, the visionary, the builder, the promoter, the protector and the balancer, each have a language. The language used by each, connects those they lead to them. The language is what makes those we lead loyal to the work. People can overlook our shortcomings, if our language is consistent with how the hearer listens. That is why team building leadership is so important.


Building a team with five leadership styles and allowing those five leaders to communicate the same message using their language is how the early church exploded with growth. This leadership model will provide an airtight organization where those you lead will feel safe, they will follow and they will be loyal. This leadership style is over 2000 years old and still works today, if we will work it!


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