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Celebration Versus Toleration


This was a status shared by a Pastor/Elder that I admire on Facebook. It struck a chord with me because I’m allergic to environments that tolerate me. It's my job to be a vitamin rather than an aspirin. I can’t do that job with excellence, if I connect with people, places and things that tolerate me rather than celebrate me. That's why I keep it moving.


I do know that too many aspirins taken too often will cause irritation to the stomach. Therefore, I teach my students and those whom I serve to create their visions, goals, strategies and schedules based on their personal philosophy. Your personal philosophy should be the reason you exist. Your personal philosophy should be the filter you use to determine whether or not the connections you have are healthy or unhealthy.


I am so grateful that God has not given us the spirit of fear. Fear will keep you in tolerating groups, where aspirins are given in large dosages to keep you sick. I am also grateful that God has given us the spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Use your sound mind to select environments that celebrate you so you will be a vitamin to those you serve!


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