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You are a Life-Changing Gift to the World


You are a Life-Changing Gift to the World

By using your personal philosophy you are healing broken pieces of our world with existence that makes dollars and sense. You bring love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, gentleness, meekness, faith and self-control, because you understand clearly why you exist. I exist to develop leaders for the Kingdom of God and will not accept assignments, engagements and appointments that do not line up with that existence. Thus, I will always have balance in my spirit, soul and body.


The same has been established for you, and that is why I can confidently say that you are a life-changing gift to the world. The world is thirsty for the gifts that we have for it. The world is thirsty for balance. I know that by the conversations that the world is engaging in such as wars, the haves and the have’s not’s, and scandals. The true realities are the ones that were established for us when we were made in God’s image, after His likeness, which gave us power to be life-changing gifts to the world.


You are a life-changing gift to the world so enjoy your journey and watch the changes occur. These changes will give those you serve the ability to go from poverty to wealth. These changes will motivate those you serve to walk in strength when they feel weak. These changes will stimulate those you serve to take forward action instead of backward action. You are a life-changing gift to the world, and you are healing broken pieces.


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