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Keep Calm and Follow Through

Keep calm and follow through

Our 7 year old Snorkie, Named Oliver, will let us know when the sunrises by barking until he is feed and walked. You see Oliver calmly runs to each of us to ensure that we follow through with our morning routine. Anthony Robbins, the international coach and trainer, says that it is your daily routine that ensures daily success. The key to an effective daily routine is following through.

As leaders we want to ensure that our entire organization stays calm and follows through on the vision, the systems, the promotions, the protection of our product and service consistently being of high quality and our balance of profits with integrity. Follow through makes the difference between failure and success; growth and stagnation; and profit versus loss. Once an organization has adopted a philosophy of how they want to do business, it takes the entire team to ensure that the philosophy produces a clear vision that is powerful. The power vision will then fuel goals that make sense, so the strategies support a schedule that drives success.

Keep calm and follow through means as a leader you keep the group on track for an expectant end. The philosophy is heartfelt. The vision is clear. The goals are doable; yet, challenging. The strategies have be thought through; therefore, follow through is the natural progressing. The schedule is engaging; not overwhelming. Keep calm and follow through, because you can do it!


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