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Deeper Settings

I was preparing workbooks, outlines, and handouts for our upcoming book tour, workshops and speaking engagements for the month of September. Our printer just stopped printing in the middle of the print job. One of my assistants set up the printer so other than hit print, I was not very familiar with its functions.

After many attempts (I'm very frustrated at this point) to get the thing working by following the instructions in the digital manual, looking at youtube videos on the subject and praying in my Heavenly language, I went one last time into the settings. Was lead by the Spirit of God to scroll left and found a hidden (from me at least) menu that had additional cleaning solutions for the print head.

The third level of cleaning the print head worked, saving me a few hundred dollars today.

I believe we are just like that printer. There are deeper levels of settings in us that God gave us when he created us in his image, after his likeness and gave us power. Time in prayer cleans our spiritual, relational and physical print heads and for that I am grateful! — getting stronger at The Stanton Institute of Leadership, LLC.

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